Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry, in seeking to adhere to all the Word as found in the holy Scriptures, is dedicated to being faithfully diligent in presenting this knowledge to all truth seekers.

April 23, 2022  

After recognizing the importance of Yahshua's sacrifice during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, we must be willing to change our lives and use Him as our example. By following His word we can have the love of Yahweh perfected in us.

April 16, 2022  

What can we learn through the observance of the Feast of Unleavened Bread? Learn about the spiritual aspects of leaven, and why it is important to get it out of our lives. 

April 16, 2022  

The Exodus is revisited, through the work of scholars, archaeologists, and researchers, who helped establish the dates, timelines, and locations for key events and the patterns of evidence of each. We dissect the Red Sea crossing evidence, Jabel Musa, and Jabel El Lawz. The split rock at Horeb, the 12 pillars, and other evidence to form a concrete conclusion regarding the events of the Exodus. Discover the patterns of evidence that has been overlooked by modern scholarship that leads to the proof of the Exodus.

April 8, 2022  

The Parables of the Messiah give us a glimpse into the future and should help us prepare for the coming Kingdom.

April 1, 2022  

Where did the Scriptures originate? Were they accurately preserved? In this message, learn about the history and authenticity of the Bible, and the revelations it holds about improving your life.

March 25, 2022  

Yahweh's Feasts are prophetic, pointing to His plan of salvation for mankind. In this message, we will explore the prophetic fulfillment of the Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of Weeks. When we observe them they give us new and deeper insights!

March 18, 2022  

Evolution has become a religion that has drastically changed how millions see this world and the universe. It provides an alternative view from biblical creation as to how life came into existence. This has weakened the faith of many and caused them to reject the truth of the Scriptures for atheism.

March 12, 2022  

Discover what happened with 1st century believers and how many of the failures of the past have been repeated in modern worship.

March 5, 2022  

In this message, we will review the difference between free will and predestination, along with other concepts such as foreknowledge. We will also explain the theology of John Calvin and answer such questions as "who hardened Pharaoh's heart?"

February 25, 2022  

Rome was one of the most mighty and advanced civilizations in the ancient world. So successful was Rome that the United States of America modeled its governmental system on it. Her cities were magnificent and enjoyed many modern advancements and scientific discoveries. Not long after Rome fell, however, the world plummeted into the dark ages. What led up to the destruction of such a mighty empire? Is the United States seeing much of the same decay in her courts and governmental system? We will answer these questions from a biblical prophetic perspective.

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