Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry, in seeking to adhere to all the Word as found in the holy Scriptures, is dedicated to being faithfully diligent in presenting this knowledge to all truth seekers.

May 27, 2022  

With "social distance" recommendations, people are more apart and distant from each other like never before in modern history. Does the Bible have answers for our current social state we are in? Pastor Randy discusses this seemingly never-ending trap our culture is in and how it effects believers. Originally recorded May 2021. 

May 20, 2022  

Study the righteous covenant into which we are grafted (Romans 11:16​). We will take a look at the process of grafting  one plant to another and how this relates to our walk of faith.

May 13, 2022  

In the day leading up to His death, Yahshua had to bear a lot of stress, and even though he asked his disciples to watch with Him, but they fell asleep, leaving Yahshua to suffer alone. We need to be sure not to make the same mistake, but stay alert and watch for Yahshua.

May 6, 2022  

Yahweh's name is one of the most often ignored and overlooked truths of the Bible. "Yahweh" occurs 6,823 in the Old Testament and was used by the Messiah and apostles. The prophet Isaiah stated that His people would know His name. Revelation verifies that Yahweh's name will seal the 144,000 before the Great Tribulation and will be placed upon the foreheads of those in the Kingdom. Yahweh's name offers incredible insight and is the very key to salvation. We will discuss, can you pronounce the name Yahweh, should we use the name Yahweh, and was the name of Yahweh lost?

April 29, 2022  

Review the parallels between Exodus and Revelation, including taking the saints of Yahweh into the wilderness.

April 23, 2022  

After recognizing the importance of Yahshua's sacrifice during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, we must be willing to change our lives and use Him as our example. By following His word we can have the love of Yahweh perfected in us.

April 16, 2022  

What can we learn through the observance of the Feast of Unleavened Bread? Learn about the spiritual aspects of leaven, and why it is important to get it out of our lives. 

April 16, 2022  

The Exodus is revisited, through the work of scholars, archaeologists, and researchers, who helped establish the dates, timelines, and locations for key events and the patterns of evidence of each. We dissect the Red Sea crossing evidence, Jabel Musa, and Jabel El Lawz. The split rock at Horeb, the 12 pillars, and other evidence to form a concrete conclusion regarding the events of the Exodus. Discover the patterns of evidence that has been overlooked by modern scholarship that leads to the proof of the Exodus.

April 8, 2022  

The Parables of the Messiah give us a glimpse into the future and should help us prepare for the coming Kingdom.

April 1, 2022  

Where did the Scriptures originate? Were they accurately preserved? In this message, learn about the history and authenticity of the Bible, and the revelations it holds about improving your life.

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