Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry, in seeking to adhere to all the Word as found in the holy Scriptures, is dedicated to being faithfully diligent in presenting this knowledge to all truth seekers.

July 30, 2021  

Were ancient predictions just extremely good guesses from active imaginations, or were they inspired from a Creator above? Why do many leading archaeologists today use the Bible to find hidden, ancient ruins? 

One prophecy that is especially fascinating is the Beast and the Ten Toes prophecies foretold by Daniel and in Revelation by John of Patmos. These shadowy figures will play a central role in end-time events.

July 23, 2021  

Don't take the easy route to truth! Take the time to study what you have learned, and prove all things. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. 

July 16, 2021  

To be more like the Messiah, we need to discipline our minds and bodies. 

July 9, 2021  

This life is a training ground. Doing Yahweh’s will is central to a future in His Kingdom soon coming to earth.

July 2, 2021  

Even when it's easier to tear someone down and belittle them, we need to have the courage to build them up in love.

June 25, 2021  

In this series on the 9 Fruits of the Spirit, we will study the fruit of meekness. Let’s face it; raw human nature wants little to do with humility or meekness. Yahshua said we must become servants to one another if we’ll be blessed in the Kingdom. This is the reason Yahweh’s people must strive to remove our natural pride and replace it with unnatural humility.

June 18, 2021  

How do you find everlasting life? What happens after you find it? Does Salvation require both faith and obedience to the Law?

June 12, 2021  

In this series on the 9 Fruits of the Spirit, we will consider Faith, which is the crucial part of our hope for salvation. 

June 4, 2021  

When Paul wrote his letter to the Colossians and referred to the Messiah performing a circumcision (not with human hands), what did he mean? How can we get a "spiritual" circumcision of our heart?

May 28, 2021  

Hard work and perseverance are no longer a common trait. Instead, we have to cultivate these traits and focus on the Word to do so.

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